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Sunday, 11 September 2011

The first night mothing for a week.

With such a poor week weather-wise, the chance of a warm night and no rain was too good to miss.  Kilburn woods was the choice, with the chance of a Devon Carpet for the third year running.  Managed over 100 moths of 31 species, a Vine's Rustic probably the only highlight, and the first Frosted Orange of the year, but unfortunately no Devon Carpets.
Frosted Orange

Pink-barred Sallow and Centre-barred Sallow

In addition, a Copper Underwing which showed all of the features one would expect of Svensson's Copper Underwing.  Not only was it drab (Svensson's used to be known as Drab Copper Underwing), the black and white checkering on the sides of the abodomen was subdued, the palps were dark with pale tips, and the copper on the underwing was extensive and up as far as the base of the wing.  Why aren't they all this easy?
Svensson's Copper Underwing - topside - drab and lacking contrast.
Svensson's Copper Underwing - showing dark palps with pale tips

Svensson's Copper Underwing - underside, lack of contrast with black and white checkering on sides of abdomen, and large extent of copper on underwing.

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