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Monday, 8 January 2018

A couple more new ones....

Only eight days into 2018 and two more species identified from photographs of mines in retrospect.  The top one was in a rejected file of Shieldbugs but on closer scrutiny there is a mine of Heliozela sericiella which starts off in the twig, burrows out along the mid-rib before cutting an oval hole close to the mid-rib and dropping to the floor to pupate.  The photo taken at Pilmoor 17 Oct 2010 is out of focus (even the target shieldbug!) but I have added it to the site due to its rarity, probably the first VC62 record since 1984 and only the 3rd VC record.  Record accepted by the CMR.
Heliozela sericiella
The next is a mine/blotch in Rowan, made by a Stigmella sorbi, taken (from memory) near Miley Pike east of Osmotherley (VC62) on the confirmed date of 14 Jun 2011. 
Stigmella sorbi
Again, this reinforces the usefulness of keeping all photos on file with dates and locations and having a look through them at a later date just checking them thoroughly for anything that may have been missed.