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Monday, 25 May 2015

A new moth!

This year work has carried on as busy as last year ended with hardly any time off and little opportunity to do anything moth-related.  I did, however, spend last night out at Pilmoor for the second trip out in two weeks there, and was instantly reminded why I do not like trapping there in early summer....the no-seeums that are so tiny but eat you alive...aargh!  Trapping under the stand of aspens on the old railway line the result was just 31 moths of 18 species using a single Robinson 125w MV, not helped by leaving the plug adapter at home so could not run a light over a sheet as I usually do and gives me something to look at while waiting for dawn.  The highlight was a fairly tatty Seraphim, an aspen feeder, scarce in the County and following on from three I caught at exactly the same site on 22 May three years ago.

The real highlight of the day was a moth from the works premises in Barr Lane, Roecliffe, Boroughbridge.  On about Wednesday I had disturbed a moth from its resting place on a horsebox and but despite my best efforts I failed to capture it in a pot.  I recognised it as one of the Treble-bars but on checking that evening was amazed to find that I had not seen either species before, not even in Dorset.  Ruing the missed opportunity while at work today I happened to notice what may have been the same moth at rest on the canopy over the showroom front door.  To the bemusement of  several onlookers I dragged a chair outside climbed up and potted the moth.  having safely got it home, two hours in the fridge, it sat quietly enough for me to photograph it.  I was aware they were a difficult species pair but on close inspection it was obvious to be a male Lesser Treble-bar.
Lesser Treble-bar, male
 It was a male by the fact that the abdomen tip was split into claspers, short and rounded which in itself is conclusive for Lesser, and the sharp angle on the innermost bar a good sign.

Diagnostic features
 I was pleased to have confirmed which of the two species it was and had pleasure entering it into MapMate and have the 'This is the 1st record for Observer' warning come up. Hopefully the first of a few more this year.