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Saturday, 10 September 2011

A new bird ....

One of the benefits (the only?) of being part of the great unwashed, is that a one-day bird that turns up less than an hour away from home is worth a go for as soon as you hear about it.  So, within an hour of notification, there we are on the A19, off to see the Sharp-tailed Sandpiper on Teesside.  What a cracker it was, close views, performing well, showing off all the distinctive features.  
There were two big plusses here.  The first is that there has been one close to my Mothers house in Ireland for over a week, arriving with loads of American waders the week after I was there....and secondly, it was one of Pog's VIT's...one he had seen in the 1970's at Frodsham, and was a blocker for me.

Great photos of the bird on Surfbirds website 

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