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Saturday, 4 June 2016

A week off...at last

The first break since last autumn and a week I have taken regularly as it covers both my birthday and Em's, and for years has been a remarkably good week weather-wise.  This week just had to be different.  No rain, often cloudy but a week of insistent cold northerly wind kept the temperature well down.  Only two nights of the week were appealing enough to go out trapping, Saturday 28th May and Friday 3rd June; the first at Kilburn was calm but got down to +5 and few moths, while the second at Silton Forest was down to +11 but a stiff cold wind wind kept things rather subdued.

Kilburn, 28th May 2016

49.028  a moth (Syndemis musculana)  1
69.003  Poplar Hawk-moth (Laothoe populi)  3
70.049  Garden Carpet (Xanthorhoe fluctuata)  1
70.054  Silver-ground Carpet (Xanthorhoe montanata)  1
70.075  May Highflier (Hydriomena impluviata)  1
70.094  Small Phoenix (Ecliptopera silaceata)  5
70.100  Green Carpet (Colostygia pectinataria)  1
70.183  Common Pug (Eupithecia vulgata)  1
70.207  Clouded Border (Lomaspilis marginata)  1
70.222  Brown Silver-line (Petrophora chlorosata)  3
70.223  Barred Umber (Plagodis pulveraria)  1
70.240  Scalloped Hazel (Odontopera bidentata)  2
70.270  Engrailed (Ectropis crepuscularia)  2
72.015  Pale Tussock (Calliteara pudibunda)  3
73.329  Flame Shoulder (Ochropleura plecta)  1

May Highflyer
Common Pug
 Silton, 3rd June 2016

07.006  a moth (Adela reaumurella)  1
15.008  a moth (Caloptilia alchimiella)  1
18.001  Diamond-back Moth (Plutella xylostella)  3
49.028  a moth (Syndemis musculana)  2
49.254  a moth (Epinotia bilunana)  1
69.003  Poplar Hawk-moth (Laothoe populi)  3
69.016  Elephant Hawk-moth (Deilephila elpenor)  1
69.017  Small Elephant Hawk-moth (Deilephila porcellus)  1
70.051  Red Twin-spot Carpet (Xanthorhoe spadicearia)  1
70.075  May Highflier (Hydriomena impluviata)  1
70.086  Broken-barred Carpet (Electrophaes corylata)  1
70.094  Small Phoenix (Ecliptopera silaceata)  1
70.222  Brown Silver-line (Petrophora chlorosata)  4
70.240  Scalloped Hazel (Odontopera bidentata)  5
70.277  Common White Wave (Cabera pusaria)  1
70.280  Clouded Silver (Lomographa temerata)  1
71.012  Iron Prominent (Notodonta dromedarius)  1
71.018  Lesser Swallow Prominent (Pheosia gnoma)  1
72.015  Pale Tussock (Calliteara pudibunda)  5
72.019  Buff Ermine (Spilosoma lutea)  3
72.020  White Ermine (Spilosoma lubricipeda)  4
73.264  Pale-shouldered Brocade (Lacanobia thalassina)  6
73.271  Broom Moth (Ceramica pisi)  1
73.272  Glaucous Shears (Papestra biren)  1
73.329  Flame Shoulder (Ochropleura plecta)  6
73.334  Small Square-spot (Diarsia rubi)  1

Broken-barred Carpet
Small Elephant Hawk-moth
Pale-shouldered Brocade

With such an influx of Diamond-back Moth into the country over the last week it was good to have trapped three at Silton and two more seen at Aldborough during the day today.  I should mention that while driving to Silton last night there were many thousands of small moths seen in the car headlights which may well have been this species but only a few caught in the trap due to the strong breeze?