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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Looking back again

Looking back through many photos including the 'reject' file adds another moth species and also an intriguing leaf-mine.  While checking out photos from Pilmoor from a day visit on 3 June 2015, the adult moth was one I had completely overlooked before and was a distinctive species among a group of others.
1.003 Micropterix aureatella (the one at the top), among Micropterix calthella, Pilmoor, 3 Jun 2015
The next is a leaf-mine of birch which looks like another Eriocrania salopiella, untenanted and like the other very early June.  This suffers the same fate of my earlier claim and although highly likely (and acceptable to John Langmaid no less) I must find one in mid-May to get it accepted for VC62....
probable Eriocrania salopiella, Pilmoor, 3 Jun 2015