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Saturday, 3 September 2011

A touch of Autumn....

As it is now September, a visit to Brimham Rocks was on the cards, to get some of those autumnal moorland species; and not a bad night it was, with a new moth for me, an Anomalous, and a first Yorkshire record for me of Vine's Rustic.  A total of 218 moths of 42 species, the highlights being a Welsh Wave, three Barred Chestnut, 18 Neglected Rustic, 13 Heath Rustic, four Golden-rod Brindle, two Angle-striped Sallow, a Vine's Rustic and an Anomalous. 
Pine Carpet

Welsh Wave

Neglected Rustic

Golden-rod Brindle

Flounced Chestnut

Vine's Rustic

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