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Thursday, 1 October 2020

Disaster recovery....!

It is obvious that I have neglected updating the blog and I am writing this in December 2019: following a mishap with a glass of milk and my laptop I have had a lot of catching up to do.  It was fortunate I had a fairly recent backup and in getting a replacement laptop I have spent a couple of months reconfiguring it and restoring as much as I could.  I don't think I have lost much data June/July, most re-entered from paper records, and a small number of photos are gone, fortunately the most significant already saved elsewhere.  A far more strict backup regime will be in place from now!

Botany themed meeting walks at Swillington Ings and South Gare added dozens of plant species, more moth trapping at Brafferton and a night at Ashberry NR both in VC62, a Shieldbug and Grasshopper course at Formby on a stormy Saturday still produced the goods, and casual day visits to Brafferton and Pilmoor.  Rather than add a lot of text I will just provide a selection of photos from the last few months.

Green Tortoise Beetle

Brown Hawker

Ruddy Darter, newly emerged from exuvia

Small Copper

It was worth letting this horsefly bite me to get a photo of those amazing eyes!
Notch-horned Clegg

Small Tortoiseshell

A fine portrait of one of my favourite damselflies.
Banded Demoiselle, male

Scorpion Fly

A couple of interesting micros at Ashberry Pastures NR (VC62), both scarce in the County.
Adela croesella

Ancylis achatana

Twin-spot Carpet

 The pale band near the tip of the antennae is diagnostic.
Bronze Shieldbug, late instar, Pilmoor

 This tiny weevil is only 5-6mm in length and closeup looks very distinctive.
Weevil sp.

Figwort Weevil, Brafferton, 7 Sep 2019

The following is an Ichneumon parasitic wasp, one of two individuals attracted to light on different days, and apparently new to Yorkshire.  Very little is known of the species, on what it preys or its full distribution; identification confirmed by Gavin Broad (one of the authors of the RES handbook on Ichneumon wasps)..
Himerta sepulchralis, Brafferton, VC62, 14 Sep 2019

Scarce Footman., Brafferton, VC62, 3 Aug 2019

Pine Hawkmoth, Brafferton, VC62, Aug 2019

Later in August I was lucky enough to catch up with a Maidens Blush, a southern moth moving northwards.  I had caught one earlier in the year which I glimpsed as it made a dash for freedom, so was pleased to catch another.
Maidens Blush, Brafferton VC65, 25 Aug 2019
Maidens Blush, Brafferton, VC62, 25 Aug 2019

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