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Sunday, 26 November 2017

They keep coming....

Apologies to anyone who prefers them with wings on but this leaf-mining is rather addictive.  The first new one of this batch is a retrospective identification and acceptance as probably new to VC62: this is Acrolepia autumnitella on Bittersweet or Nightshade at Pilmoor back in 2015 on 9 October.  It shows the value of keeping photos on file and later attempts at identification.
Acrolepia autumnitella
Another retrospective identification but of not so long ago was the highly distinctive mine of Coptotriche marginea on Bramble at Aldwark Wood a week ago, the mine resembling a wet white discarded feather.

Coptotriche marginea
Back to the present and another visit to Pilmoor on Saturday 25 November with focus on fallen leaves from the Aspen trees looking for signs of 4.085 Ectoedemia argyropeza which unfortunately was not forthcoming.  I did however manage several other new ones including Ectoedemia rubivora as new for site and away from the Ripon stronghold and rare in VC62.
Ectoedemia rubivora on Bramble
Other new ones for me were what I believe to be Stigmella luteela on Birch, Stigmella salicis on Sallow and Ectoedemia minimella on Birch.  Of course I stand to be corrected!
Stigmella luteela

Stigmella salicis

Ectoedemia minimella

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