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Monday, 29 May 2017

A rather belated catch-up...

Night of 8th April, Pilmoor, VC62 - 83 of 23 species:  the highlights being a Phyllonorycter sp, probably ulmifoliella, and the earliest Yorkshire record of Scarce Prominent.
Scalloped Hook-tip

Double-striped Pug

Scarce Prominent

Red Swordgrass

Red Swordgrass

Night of 6th May, Pilmoor, VC62 – 13 of five species, a shortened night due to being rather cool and non-productive.
Lunar Marbled Brown

Night of 12th May, Hag Wood, Kilburn, VC62 – 107 of 39 species, the highlights included the spectacular micromoth Ethmia quadrillella.
Zelleria hepariella

Ethmia quadrillella

Ethmia quadrillella

Acleris hastiana

Brindled Pug

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