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Sunday, 31 July 2016

Trapping at Pilmoor, VC62, 30 Jul 2016

Following on from last weekends effort I chose the old railway line at Pilmoor for last nights trapping. Another good night, although smaller numbers and fewer species there were some quality moths to be seen with 480 of at least 70 species.  Probably the best of the night was a Mere Wainscot which is a very scarce moth in central and eastern England, rare in Yorkshire and my 4th for the site, and probably the most northern records in Britain.
Mere Wainscot

Mere Wainscot
By far the commonest species were July Highflier (76), Lesser Swallow Prominent (62) and Dingy Footman (53) and a good selection of others including Minor Shoulder-knot.

The next four photos are micro-moths and mainly less than 10 millimetres, although the Catoptria margaritella is a little larger and a stunning grass moth..
Argyresthia goedartella

Catoptria margaritella

Eudonia truncicolella

Red-barred Tortrix
And now a couple of the larger moths known as macros, although the last could be mistaken for a micro moth.
Minor Shoulder-knot
Small Dotted Buff
There were a couple of pugs that have defied identification, as were the Cnephasias and one or two small Tortrix.  Surprisingly there were no Four-dotted Footman, normally fairly numerous in this area but it is getting towards the end of the flight period.  It will not be long before some of the autumnal moths start to put in an appearance, and numbers generally will start dropping off.

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