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Monday, 25 April 2011

Just to show I can do birds in Yorkshire....

Driving out through Kirby Hill from Boroughbridge, heading towards the A1 junction at 14:20 today, I spotted a Marsh Harrier quartering the rape-seed fields to the east of the road.  The harrier was presumably a young bird, due to the mass of pale tips to the primary and secondary coverts, and some pale mottling on the underwing coverts.
Marsh Harrier
The bird attracted the attention of a local crow, and it gradually gained height before flying off strongly to the north-west.
Marsh Harrier being harried by a rather moth-eaten Carrion Crow


  1. Nice one Terry!! Hope all is well.

  2. Nice one Gramps. You say the crow was moth-eaten? Any ideas as to which species of moth?

  3. Hello. I am a first-time visitor to this blog. Great photographs! On the 9th May, I particularly like the photo of the Pygmy Cormorant, however, like Father Dougal on the tv show Father Ted, I have difficulty with the near far away thing. Were you miles away from the cormorant hence why it looks small? Or were you about two inches away from it and it was actually the size of a penny, hence how it earned its name of pygmy? It has also been interesting to learn more about a 'mothers' community (I mean moth-ers as against mother!) Ok, may call by on another day, keep up the good work.