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Friday, 22 April 2011

A bit of square bashing.....

With this unseasonably warm daytime weather and blue cloudless skies, a novelty alone in Yorkshire, I have spent the last two evenings out trapping.  The downside of the clear daytime skies is that as soon as the sun dips below the horizon, the temperature soon drops off, and reached about +6 soon after midnight on both days.
The first night produced 79 moths of 13 species at Pilmoor, pretty standard stuff, and then last night at Silton, 116 of 15 species.  New for the 10km square at Silton was a Scarce Prominent, while a more expected and splendid Glaucous Shears was a little early and only my 3rd record in VC62.
Scarce Prominent distribution in Yorkshire, post 2000 records in red (thanks to C Fletcher).

Scarce Prominent
While the Scarce Prominent looks uncannily like a worn-out boot, the Glaucous Shears is a rather attractive mix of shades of grey, brown and cream.  Brindled Pugs and Clouded Drabs also featured in some numbers.
Glaucous Shears
Brindled Pug
Clouded Drab

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