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Sunday, 27 June 2021

Several new for the garden

I have rarely done much trapping in the garden mainly due to it being small, overlooked, and suffers from streetlight pollution.  Therefore on the odd occasion I do give in and set a trap, I often get a NFG, new for garden, but bearing in mind I am starting from a low baseline...

Last night I actually set the two traps IN the garden rather than in the sheltered parking spot, this due to the neighbours adjacent to the back fence have moved away and my daughter was also away.  Not too bad with 55 moths of 24 species, and five species NFG.

49.180 Piniphila bifasciana

49.254 Epinotia bilunana

70.008 Idaea seriata Small Dusty Wave

71.021 Ptilodon capucina Coxcomb Prominent

73.333 Diarsia mendica Ingrailed Clay

The two images below are Piniphila bifasciana which is a Scot Pine feeder and fairly scarce, the nearest Scots Pine are in the carpark of the nearest pub.  I have seen one elsewhere in the County.

Piniphila bifasciana

Piniphila bifasciana

The Small Dusty Wave was another NFG, and my first in VC65.

Small Dusty Wave

Another small moth I trapped was one I had seen before, but not a particularly common moth.  I can't deny I do like micro-moths, even the 'brown' ones, and this is a cracking little moth: it is 35.056 Metzneria lappella.

Metzneria lappella

Metzneria lappella

I was fortunate enough to also catch four hawk-moths of three species, an Eyed, Poplar, and two Elephant Hawk-moths.  Not a bad night in all.

Elephant Hawk-moth

Eyed Hawk-moth

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