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Sunday, 12 June 2011

A cracking walk in the woods

Although I have been to Pilmoor Wood quite a few times already this year, the nearby Low Wood is equally as interesting but this is the first visit there this year.  There has been a bit of clearance since the last visit, but many mature trees of oak, ash, beech and especially birch remained.  Plenty of bracken in its first flushes, and a walk with the net through the wood produced a few interesting insects.  Strangely, even at 17 degrees, although a little breezy, not one butterfly was seen at all.  In addition to a couple of the colourful long-horn moths Nemophora degeerella, there was this attractive beetle, and a micro-moth later identified as Epinotia demarniana, probably only the third VC62 record, all of them mine, and all in the same vicinity, and confirmed by Charlie from the photos.
Leptura maculata

Epinotia demarniana
Having sussed out a handful of good trapping sites, I noticed a moth on the windscreen, which I photographed, and eventually had it identified as Cydia fagiglandana by Charlie, ironically I could not match it to the pic on UK Moths, which just happened to be his photo!  A look at others sites, confirmed this identification was correct.  Another new one for me, so thanks again Charlie!
Cydia fagiglandana
Spending so much time scouring the vegetation looking for micros, and being fooled on numerous occasions, I  feel I should invest in the companion volume by Whifton and Cleeler, on the Moth-like Bird-droppings of the British Isles.....