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Friday, 3 June 2011

Three new micros...

After such a warm day, the evening bode well for a good catch.  At Kilburn, three traps set up in differing habitat.  The 160MVB over the sheet, was probably the best, although it attracted probably a 1000 of a tiny micro, in such numbers it looked like a cloud of soot under the bulb.  Indeed there were so many of this particular micro, that they climbed all over other moths disturbing them.  Still can't work out what they are.  Any thoughts?
micro sp.... one of a thousand!
The other new micros that I could identify were the following, apologies for the poor photos.
0719  Ethmia quadrillella
1102  Endothenia nigricostana
1268  Cydia coniferana
Of the 370 odd moths of at least 80 species, the other highlight was catching three Red-necked Footman, which has probably only been recorded ten times in recent times, following the first which I caught 3 years ago, and at least half of the records are mine.

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