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Saturday, 18 June 2011


In addition to my interest in natural history, I have always been fascinated by maps.  I have spent hours pouring over OS Explorer maps, and with the fantastic Google Map resource, you can zoom in and identify good areas of habitat, and potential trapping sites.  Being fairly new to Yorkshire, it took some time to find good sites close to home, and was spurred on by the maps in the Yorkshire lepidoptera reports which initially just identified those squares with less than 100 species, and more recently gave the total of both micro and macro moths for each square.   In 2009, I focused on the three 10km squares running up the west end of the North Yorkshire moors (SE47,48 and 49), which was rewarded with good records of Devon Carpet (new to Yorkshire), and Red-necked Footman (first for over 100 years).  In 2010, three more squares targeted, one near Hovingham, and two on the norther side of the NY moors, two were increased to well over 100 and the third just snook in at 99 species.  This year, nine squares identified as needing some recording effort, which unfortunately are some distance from home, so will have to be extremely good weather to make the effort worthwhile.
...I'm just trying to figure out how to attach a map....

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