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Friday, 17 June 2011

Another 10km square bites the dust...

Following the theme to target under-recorded 10km squares, especially those with less than 100 species, it was the turn of Scarth Nick wood in NZ40 on the northern edge of the North York Moors.  Unfortunately it was cool and rather breezy, and with only 48 moths of 21 species, but probably all the species were new for the 10km square.  A quick check shows the number of species for the square is now 112.  On top of all that, as an added bonus, a Grey Scalloped Bar was a new moth for me.
Grey Scalloped Bar
0018  Map-winged Swift (Hepialus fusconebulosa)  2
0970  Barred Fruit-tree Tortrix (Pandemis cerasana)  1
1451  Pyla fusca  1
1722  Flame Carpet (Xanthorhoe designata)  1
1727  Silver-ground Carpet (Xanthorhoe montanata)  7
1776  Green Carpet (Colostygia pectinataria)  2
1873  Welsh Wave (Venusia cambrica)  1
1954  Bordered White (Bupalus piniaria)  1
1969  Grey Scalloped Bar (Dyscia fagaria)  1
2008  Coxcomb Prominent (Ptilodon capucina)  1
2061  Buff Ermine (Spilosoma luteum)  8
2098  Flame (Axylia putris)  1
2102  Flame Shoulder (Ochropleura plecta)  1
2107  Large Yellow Underwing (Noctua pronuba)  1
2118  True Lover's Knot (Lycophotia porphyrea)  2
2120  Ingrailed Clay (Diarsia mendica)  6
2122  Purple Clay (Diarsia brunnea)  1
2138  Green Arches (Anaplectoides prasina)  1
2163  Broom Moth (Melanchra pisi)  2
2302  Brown Rustic (Rusina ferruginea)  6
2442  Beautiful Golden Y (Autographa pulchrina)  1

+ 2 pug sp not counted in total
Welsh Wave


  1. Hi,
    in June Grey Scalloped bar is one of the commonest moths on the NY MOORS.I even take it at home in Lealholm occasionally.I just think it is under recorded as very few of us trap on the moor!
    cheers G.F.

  2. Hi Graham. I think you must be right. This is the nearest to higher moorland I have trapped so far,so with a bit more effort should get a few more. Cheers.