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Monday, 6 June 2011

I was only there yesterday...!

Within 90 minutes of the release of the news of the White-throated Robin, I was on my way to Hartlepool, only having been there Sunday on a casual day out.....not the most impressive of places I admit.  I had commented, that it had attracted a few birds in the past, and some of the other place-names in the area were famous sites that had featured numerous times in rare bird reports.
So, we were fortunate to get there early with only a few birders present, but there were some that still insisted in standing right in front of me and Raine.  Glad to have seen it, with so few there, and to leave before the LGRE's and Bagnells et al arrive....
White-throated Robin
..and again
No pictures of the one today, but an excuse to drag out these shots of a Turkish one several years ago.  Only two previous British records, a one-day male bird on the Calf of Man on 22nd June 1983, and a female quite rightly suppressed on Skokholm due other sensitive breeding species there on 27th-30th June 1990. 

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