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Monday, 17 July 2017

Valerian Pug

Trapped at Hag Wood, Kilburn on 7th July 2017 and as with many pugs the photos have languished in my TBC file....  When I first potted it I was immediately struck on its lack of features not through wear but its plainness generally.  It was roughly 20mm across and once photographed I was able to study it in detail.  I cannot deny I really struggled with it.  Only for the reason it was 'plain' did I consider Plain Pug and posted an image on the Pugs Flying Tonight website where Valerian Pug was suggested.  Looking into other images of Valerian Pug I feel that this is a good call.  For what has such indistinctive features it is actually quite distinctive and there were a number of features noted on each of the web images from trusted sites; I plotted the features good for this species on one of my photos.
Valerian Pug
This is a scarce moth in the UK although reported in small numbers from most counties, it is rare in Yorkshire with last accepted VC62 record in 1913.  The foodplant is Common Valerian which according to BSBI maps does occur in the Kilburn area and I will be looking out for the plant on my next visit.

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