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Sunday, 16 July 2017

Mixed success at Pilmoor, VC62 night of 15 July 2017

With the temperature dropping no lower than +17.8 it seemed like a good opportunity to leave the traps out overnight at Pilmoor.  Having snatched a few hours sleep at home I returned to Pilmoor at 04:45 and rather worryingly could not see the lights shining in the woodland.  On stopping the car I could still hear the generator so despite being chained to a tree at least it hadn't been stolen, but presumably the vibration had shaken the plug loose.  There were still a few moths in the traps so had presumably been working for at least half the night before failing.  The highlight was an Apotomis semifasciana which evaded capture in a pot but was seen very well; despite being a great Yorkshire rarity I have captured at least 15 in the Pilmoor area.  
Cydia splendana

Acrobasis advenella

Phycita roborella

A 'brown-tailed' Yellow-tail

Minor Shoulder-knot

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