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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Targeting Anacampsis spp at Pilmoor, VC62

Having caught a few Anacampsis at Pilmoor over the last few years and some variously attributed to blattariella and populella based on intensity and contrast of colouring.  However a peruse of trusted website images indicate a huge overlap and the reliance of gen.det. seems a safe course to follow.  All best intentions but then again I did not catch ANY!  Ho-hum one for another night.

As it turned out not too bad a night with 521 of 79 species, the best being two Mere Wainscot, following three previous recorded at the same site and another nearby at Sessay Wood.  There is an old record from the site in 1968 and these are the northernmost records in the UK of what is a scarce moth of restricted distribution.
Mere Wainscot
Other highlights were Beautiful Hook-tip which was only my third Yorkshire one and new for the site; singles each of Minor Shoulder-knot and Four-dotted Footman were welcome and the commonest micro was Epinotia brunnichana with 25.
Epinotia brunnichana

Minor Shoulder-knot

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