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Sunday, 9 July 2017

Trapping at Kilburn, VC62, night of 1st July

Having studied the Kilburn area using google Earth looking for new potential accessible habitat I decided to try some of the higher tracks below Roulston Scar to the west of the White Horse. However on arrival I found the tracks to be more like paths and none were driveable and I had not brought my wheelbarrow or sacktruck to move the equipment any distance.  Feeling thwarted on this occasion I headed back to one of the main tracks where three meet at the foot of Hood Hill and chose the NE fork and located myself on a bend surrounded by mixed conifer and broad-leaved woodland. It was quite a breezy night especially around midnight as a very weak front passed through allowing a short period of very fine drizzle before clearing.  As it turned out, a fair night with some 415 moths of 83 species including three new micros.

The three new ones were a Carpatolechia fugitivella, an wych elm feeder, a very faded Epinotia tedella and a white marked rather than yellow Pammene regiana (awaiting gen.det.)  Each took some time to identify for different reasons: the first is not illustrated in Sterling and Parsons and I just stumbled across it while looking for something else on the internet; the second appeared non-descript but the faint marking matched similar images online including the buffy head colour and the white 'nick' in the trailing edge of the wing; and finally the Pammene patch colour is usually yellow or cream but white ones do appear in various photo libraries. 
Carpatolechia fugitivella

Epinotia tedella

Pammene regiana
The best of the rest included Larch Pug, another Clouded Magpie, seven Blomer's Rivulets, all confirming the mix of broad-leaved trees including Elm and various conifer trees including Larch and Norway Spruce.  A small selection of other species trapped are included below.

Eucosma cana

Dichrorampha acuminatana

Brown China-mark

Shaded Broad-bar

Double Square-spot

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