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Sunday, 9 July 2017

Trapping at Hag Wood, Kilburn, VC62, night of 7th July

Yes I know, another night at Kilburn, but to be honest after such a good run of scarce moths it just had to be done.  A return to one of the original early sites I have used in the past produced 434 of 84 identifiable species.  The highlights were my first Yorkshire Beautiful Hook-tips (two) a southern species moving north into the county; two of the larch feeding Ptycholomoides aeriferana, a recent arrival to the UK but now widespread in small numbers; another Olindia schumacerana, this and the last one a week before showing only a trace of the cream coloured 'belt'; four Blomer’s Rivulet and a Larch Pug.
Ptycholomoides aeriferana

Olindia schumacerana

Olindia schumacerana

Apotomos betuletana

Spilonota ocellana 

Larch Pug
A daytime walk of the site today offered a couple of Silver Y nectaring, but no other moths of interest.  

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