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Friday, 29 June 2012

Three nights on the trot...part one

Following the disastrous weather of the preceding few days that should have been Moth Night 2012, a surge of warm humid air from the south and traces of Saharan dust deposited across the UK, it seemed sensible to take the opportunity of trapping in this window of opportunity.

The first night was at Sessay Wood, with a fairly unremarkable catch of 103 moths of 23 species, of interest were 16 Four-dotted Footman which was still a fairly unexceptional count at what is the County's premier site for this species.

Tuesday night was a visit to Brimham Rocks on a moist and misty night, with a couple of hours of strong breeze in the early hours.  291 moths of 51 species, the highlights were a yet to be identified Caloptilia sp., two Smoky Wave, four Northern Spinach, five Welsh Wave and a single of the increasingly rare Double Dart.
Smoky Wave

Narrow-winged Pug

Double Dart

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