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Friday, 22 June 2012

Pilmoor Wood on 19 June

With the forecast for Moth Night 2012 on 21-23 June looking very poor, it was a matter of doing some trapping while I could.  I placed the Robinson out on the SSSI to see if the heath area held any other species, and the light over a sheet out on the main track, the old railway line.

The best of the night was an Apotomis semifasciana, the identity of which eluded me, but with input from others was actually pretty obvious, and I have had 4 there previously.  It is actually a scarce moth in Yorkshire with a handful of records in VC61 to 2002, and one in VC63 in 1986.
Apotomis semifasciana

Four-dotted Footman numbered 36, and another of interest was a Miller, which for something that is just white and black on a grey background is a stunning moth.

The night ended with 163 moths of 48 species.  The Alder Kitten is not a bad looking moth either!  
Sallow Kitten
A walk along the length of the track produced three Glow worms, which is one more than last year, and always good to see.

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