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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Sessay Wood on night of 18 June

This started off as a bit of a disaster.  First of all I forgot the insect repellent, but I decided to chance going to Pilmoor.  Plenty of mosquitoes but none of the tiny biting bugs but in getting over to the SSSI I managed to slip of the log over the ditch and ended up knee deep with the right leg in foul brown smelly ditch-water.  So, having decided not to risk leaping over the same ditch several times in the dark I thought I would go to Sessay Wood nearby, where the conditions are much less demanding.....
Having set everything up, I then find that the plug adapter was not on any of the reels of cable, and then remembered I had removed it while using a reel to plug the strimmer into at home....it was on the bookcase - great!.  Fortunately Em was willing to bring it out to me and we met up halfway.  So eventually got everything working at 2245.

Not a bad night in the end, despite the wet leg, and just about struggled to 50 odd species.  The highlights were an Acleris laetana, two Birch Mocha, and ten Four-dotted Footman.

Aethes cnicana ?

Light Emerald

Brown Rustic

Small Dotted Buff

Beautiful Golden Y

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