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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Another good birch-feeding tortrix

Having done pretty well with tortrix moths over the last week or two, I spent a fairly cool few hours trapping in Low Wood, Sessay last night.  Not a huge catch by any stretch of the imagination, and very few micros on which to try out the new Sterling and Parsons micro book on.  However, still a couple of good ones turned up, and the book steered me towards their identification, confirmed from other sources on the internet.  The first was a small cochylid with a fascinating mix of blue, grey and brown markings on a cream base colour.  Further study proved it to be a Cochylis nana, of which there are only two previous VC62 records.  The purple patch continues, and this photo reveals the beautiful colouration...bear in mind the moth is only 6mm long, or less than 1/4 inch in old money......
Cochylis nana

The other littl'n was a flat-winged tortrix with what appeared to be a pale shawl around its shoulders.  This, the small size and the diffused darker markings on the wings identified it as Capua vulgana, a moth I have had a couple of times before at Brimham.
Capua vulgana

Pale-shouldered Brocade

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