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Thursday, 7 June 2012

The purple patch continues....

After the rain stopped, the evening remained muggy with full cloud cover and no wind.  Wanting to avoid the little biting bugs at Pilmoor, I went to Sessay Wood again, this time 200m ENE of Monday's site.  It was another good night with some more significant records.  I had another Lobesia reliquana the 2nd VC62 record following the first at Pilmoor, just over a kilometre away.
Lobesia reliquana

The other exciting moths were three Eucosmomorpha albersana, which I had trapped a single in 2011 at Kilburn, and there was just one other in the previous 25 years, and only a handful before that in Yorkshire.
Eucosmomorpha albersana

Others of note were five Orange Footman and a Marbled White Spot.  Also of note was a distant calling Quail heard several times.
Marbled White Spot

Tinea semifulvella 

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