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Monday, 4 July 2011

In search of Wainscots...

The attraction of a couple of new Wainscot species meant a night out at Staveley again, but this time at the end in the reed-beds.  As the previous night, the temperature dropped quickly, and being a 'damp' site, seemed chillier than it actually was.  Only fair numbers of Smoky Wainscot, and just one Southern Wainscot, my first up here, but the actual highlights were a Gothic and a Blackneck, again my first in Yorkshire.  I had forgotten how beautiful the Blacknecks were, and typically when trying to photograph them this morning, that was the one that shot off before I could get a shot!
Chilo phragmitella


Southern Wainscot

Southern Wainscot (top) and Smoky Wainscot
The site has plenty to offer, although it is quite a long walk with a fully loaded barrow of equipment, but certainly deserves more effort in a couple more weeks, when the Wainscot species are at their best.

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