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Saturday, 23 July 2011

A few moth pics

This last week has been pretty grim for mothing, with some extremely heavy showers, and more latterly, cool nights.  A brief respite on Thursday night after a cool and cloudy day, gave way to what turned out to be a cloudless and cold night - down to +6 by 0500.  Still, I spent the night at Pilmoor, concentrating on the southern end of the main track, and ended up with about 260 moths of at least 52 species.  Not exceptional at all, and no great surprises, but still a few moths new for the site and photo opportunities.  Looking at recording effort over the last 4 years, July has not had as much effort as some other months, maybe due to being away for part of this time, the dire weather for the 'summer' month, or perhaps even a slight onset of apathy after busy Junes....I suspect a combination of all three!
Udea lutealis
Scalloped Oak
Dotted Clay

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