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Thursday, 14 July 2011

and another three micros!

Oh for the wonders of digital photography!  I am sure in the old days, any unidentified moths just had a pin stuck through them and kept until they were identified.  With modern cameras, it is especially useful for us lepidopterists, in taking loads of record shots of those you can't immediately put a name to, and then scouring the internet and books to identify them at leisure.  In doing this, I have added three more micros to the catch at Aldwark the other night, moths I have not seen anywhere else.  Ok, the pictures aren't great, but then again they were only taken for record purposes, and each confirm the records, adding dots to the distribution maps.
0636  Denisia similella

0866 Brachmia blandella

1113 Eudemis profunda 

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