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Monday, 11 August 2014

Pescadero Creek Beach - 10th August

A drizzly morning proved a little challenging on the photographic front so not many to choose from today.  It was however a good morning at the creek and the shoreline for viewing birds.  Hiding on one of the rocky islands was a Harlequin Duck, and on the rocks and shoreline were at least four Black Oystercatchers, two Wandering Tattlers, two Black Turnstones and five Surfbirds along with all the usual gulls and terns, although Caspian Terns now numbered five. A probable Clark's Grebe (bright yellow bill and white face well above the eye), two Marbled Murrelets and two pairs of Surf Scoter were on the sea, and hundreds of Sooty Shearwaters milling by some distance out.  On the lagoon side were at least 18 Great Blue Herons, 22 Great White Egrets, c.20 Ruddy Duck and a couple of Gadwall.  There was a noticeable increase in hirundines with at least 100 Barn Swallows, 30+ Violet Green Swallows, five Cliff Swallows, and other passerines included several Marsh Wren, a Yellowthroat; in addition buteos were obvious with at least 20 locally, several were Red-tails but at least one was Red-shouldered Hawk, and an adult and juvenile White-tailed Hawk on a dead tree in the marsh.
Heerman's and Western Gulls

A distant Harlequin Duck
Song Sparrow

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