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Thursday, 14 August 2014

At last a few shore-birds.....

Fairly close to Tiburon I found a small sheltered bay with a few sandy banks and muddy areas on it.  At least 12 White Pelicans immediately drew my attention and I pulled off the main highway and spent some time looking over the area.  The birds were as follows: c.20 Snowy Egret, c.10 Forster's Terns, ten American Avocet, 18 Black-necked Stilts, 35 Grey Plover, a Kildeer, four Semi-palmated Plover, six Short-billed Dowitchers, a Greater Yellowlegs, c.150 Semi-palmated Sandpipers and c.25 Least Sandpipers.    Other birds seen in the area was a small flock of Wild Turkey, an Osprey carrying a fish, several Western Bluebird , c.20 White-crowned Sparrows, and a Spotted Towhee.  Rather tantalisingly I saw a flock of gnatcatchers flying across the road but was unable to stop.
Osprey carrying a fish

Wild Turkey

Forster's Tern

White Pelican

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