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Thursday, 21 August 2014

California ...the last few days

The last few days of the trip were rather busy and had little time to post some more photos.  Yosemite was absolutely fantastic and the drive through provided stunning view after view taking in the iconic Half Dome Mountain in Yosemite valley before passing over to the eastern side where we stayed at June Lake.

The three nights at June Lake were extremely enjoyable and relaxing, the only disappointment was missing the odd Black Bear that was around.  There actually seemed to be a bit of migration going on in the area with hundreds of warblers at times, working their way through bushes, nearly all Audubon's Warblers.  The common woodpecker in the area was a new one for me, Red-bellied Sapsucker.
Red-bellied Sapsucker

Stellar's Jay

Audubon's Warbler


American Robin

California Gull

Gull Lake and June Lake
The last couple of days was spent driving down through Death Valley (a stunning experience) and ending up in Las Vegas (an experience I didn't enjoy the first time in 1979 and needed 'stunning' the second time....)

The 'low point'...not counting Las Vegas.....
So, after a simply stunning couple of weeks where everything worked seamlessly and exceeded everyone's expectations, at least five life ticks and as many new US birds it is back to normality now...

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