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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

It's a bit wet here.....

Arriving home from Ireland in the rain, it did not let up until the early hours of this morning, Wednesday.  The water levels on the River Ure outside were fairly high, and I spent much of a sleepless night keeping an eye on the Environment Agency websites.  With each update the levels were rising and the previous record was broken in the early hours, peaking 20cm higher than previous highest at around 7:00 this morning.

It actually peaked at 15.79 metres above datum point, some 6 metres higher than earlier in the week....

The access road to Waterside, the main road through Boroughbridge closed.

A view of the R. Ure from the front door.

From the main road bridge looking back towards Langthorpe

Just after taking these photos the Police removed everyone from the bridge to allow an inflatable to rescue stranded elderly people in sheltered accommodation in the buildings on the right and a couple from a barge that could not get off on the canal cut.

The only way to get back to our side of the river was to go right round on the old A1, the A168 by-pass to Kirby Hill and then head back south.  Where the A168 crosses over the R. Ure views back towards Langthorpe gave rather more of an impression of the scale of the flooding.  Our building is hidden by the large building with the chimney in the distance, the old Laundry, and the river is normally contained in a far more manageable strip between the willows...thank heavens for flood plains.

Still, could be worse, it could be raining....

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