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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Pilmoor two nights running

A belated post of the last trapping events on 7th and 8th September.  The first night produced 55 moths of 16 species, fairly unexceptional with the of an Epermenia falciformis which I had only had elsewhere only recently, and was a new species and first record for VC62.

0460  Ypsolopha parenthesella  14
0481  Epermenia falciformis  1
0972  Dark Fruit-tree Tortrix (Pandemis heparana)  1
1048  Garden Rose Tortrix (Acleris variegana)  1
1062  Acleris emargana  2
1093  Apotomis betuletana  1
1134  Epinotia ramella  2
1764  Common Marbled Carpet (Chloroclysta truncata)  5
1776  Green Carpet (Colostygia pectinataria)  10
1913  Canary-shouldered Thorn (Ennomos alniaria)  4
1955  Common White Wave (Cabera pusaria)  1
1981  Poplar Hawk-moth (Laothoe populi)  1
2006  Lesser Swallow Prominent (Pheosia gnoma)  4
2107  Large Yellow Underwing (Noctua pronuba)  1
2474  Straw Dot (Rivula sericealis)  6
2477  Snout (Hypena proboscidalis)  1

Epermenia falciformis, new for VC62
The second night was all set up in the same area but targeting the aspen trees in the hope of aspen-feeding species (in particular the micro Epinotia maculana which has not been recorded in Yorkshire since 1997).  On returning just before dawn next morning to be met with the fact that the bulbs were out...but the generator was still running?  It would appear that the vibration had shaken the plug splitter loose enough to break the connection.  The bulbs were cold, but had been on for at least a while as a few moths were still in the traps, with just 26 moths of eight species, and nothing of interest.

0411  Argyresthia goedartella  1
0460  Ypsolopha parenthesella  5
1405  Mother of Pearl (Pleuroptya ruralis)  1
1764  Common Marbled Carpet (Chloroclysta truncata)  3
1776  Green Carpet (Colostygia pectinataria)  5
1913  Canary-shouldered Thorn (Ennomos alniaria)  1
2006  Lesser Swallow Prominent (Pheosia gnoma)  9
2267  Beaded Chestnut (Agrochola lychnidis)  1

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