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Friday, 12 October 2012

Noah can rest easy now....

Now ten days or so since the floods here in Langthorpe it was time for some photos of what the river should look like.  Not entirely true as there was torrential rain last night and the rather muddy water is about 50cm above normal levels; this is still 5.5 metres lower than last weeks record level.  The following pic shows some Giant Hogweed suspended in the willow to the left, which gives an indication of the flood level.  
In addition, the white water level scale attached to the bridge which tops out at 15.75 metres cannot be seen in last weeks photo!
Also compare the next photo with last week, now the detritus that was backing up against the bridge has gone.  Such blockages cause extra strain to the structure and the bridge was closed for 4 days allowing engineers to check the integrity had not been compromised.

Our house is actually just west of here and the water levels are artificially kept higher there due to the weir and the lock gates on the Milby Canal.  So the water level needs to 'fill in' the lower level river east of the weir before the level rises on our bit of the river.  It was still squeaky bum time for a while....
Here is a photo of our building, then a brewery for Mustill Brothers, and looking at the vehicles it must be around the 1920's.

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  1. Just out of interest, two of the places I grew up in were Masham and Middleham, where my brother and I often played along the edges of the River Ure as kids. No floods then, that I can remember