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Thursday, 24 May 2012

What a difference a few days makes...

Having been out trapping only for a few hours since the last batch of half decent weather at the end of March, I have been out for the last two nights in the Pilmoor area.  Tuesday night was a harsh reminder of why I don't enjoy trapping at Pilmoor in early summer, being eaten alive by the Noseeums, which have obviously benefited from the monsoon that was April.....  Still, putting that to one side, I caught 116 of 35 species, including several notables: a first for VC62 a Lobesia reliquana, a 6th County record of Ancylis laetana, a new 10k square record for Seraphim and the 12th VC62 record of Orange Footman, of which 8 of the previous records are mine.

Last night was spent nearby at Low Wood, Sessay, where the trapping was nearly as good but no sign of the dreaded biting bugs.  With about a 100 moths of 30 species, with notables including a new one for me, Epinotia subocellana, a couple of scarce Monopis weaverella, and a couple more Orange Footman to add to the list.  Perhaps the most interesting event of the night was the noise of munching coming from a big old oak, and at least 30 larvae that descended from the tree on to the sheet, which by the end of the night was covered in larval droppings that pattered down like raindrops.  I would expect the larva to be of Green Oak Tortrix, but am not as yet convinced.

Lobesia reliquana

Ancylis laetana


Monopis weaverella

Larvae sp, yet to be identified. 
Epinotia subocellana

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