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Wednesday, 2 May 2012

End of April round-up

What a dreary month, with nothing but rain, and when it wasn't raining it was windy or cold.  The only mothing attempt was on Saturday 28th April when rather than an attempt to catch loads of moths was more of an effort to avoid 16 teenagers having a 'party' at the house.  Fearing the worst and avoiding the loud music (?) I set up a light at Sessay Wood.  Just the 5 moths, so hardly a success, but did avoid the havoc going on at home.

Very few migrants around, a few Swallows, and Chiffs and Willows, but to be honest, I have spent most of the days avoiding the weather and working on the Yorkshire Moths website.  It is coming on a treat, and am getting a good amount of positive feedback.  The photo resource now stands at 1782 photos, representing 1071 species, and although most are of adults, there are 22 larva and 72 leaf mines, cases and webs.

Another couple of weeks work to get all of the accounts in, and will then need to look at the next project.....Dorset?

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