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Tuesday, 29 May 2012

A cracking night at Brimham

I arrived at Brimham Rocks, a millstone grit oasis of moorland just west of Harrogate, about 2100 to have a walk round to look for suitably sheltered spot out of the cool breeze.  I eventually decided on the top end of the upper carpark, although it certainly did not feel that it was going to be too successful.  I should not have worried, as about midnight I had a Lunar Thorn on the sheet, which was only my third ever, second Yorkshire the previous being also at Brimham.  An hour or so later, I had a couple more which made me concerned I was making a tremendous blunder, but no I was certain of their ID on the limited material I had on me, clearly showing the deeply scalloped trailing edge to the wing, and proper wing pattern.  The night ended with six of the little beauties, with two potted and the rest placed on the parking meter and took a snap with the phone in poor light.
Four Lunar Thorns

A better shot a Lunar Thorn, Brimham Rocks

In addition, of the 228 moths of 41 species, Ancylis myrtillana was a new moth for me, and 17 Glaucous Shears were good to see.  Several micros still defy identification, but will keep trying!
Ancylis myrtillana

Foxglove Pug

Glaucous Shears

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