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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Square-bashing 2012

In common with the previous last few years, I have had a look at target squares for the coming season.  In addition to squares with few records, I have identified a number of species that I would like to find in Yorkshire, most of which would be new to me.  To help me with this, I have an excel sheet with all the hectads for the VC's 61-65.  The small number at the top of each square is the number of species recorded in each square from the Yorkshire database, and those in grey are the squares with less than 100 species recorded.   The larger numbers are the number of species I have recorded in each square, and the colour coded squares were under-recorded squares I have targeted over the last three years.  This has proved most rewarding for the pale blue squares which now have respectable totals including some very good moths.  The pink ones were those for 2011, which received some coverage in that year, but I have carried them over to 2012 to try a bit harder.

As for some of the species I would target, I have interrogated the Yorkshire database and come up with some maps, to give me an idea when and which areas to target.  I do not hold out too much hope, but if you don't look you don't see, so let's just see how we get on.......

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