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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

A few Orthosias at last.

Probably the warmest day of the year so far and a warm night despite clear skies, so I spent a couple of hours with a light over a sheet and the Gladiator at Pilmoor.  Some good numbers and the first of the spring moths, with several orthosias.  Small Brindled Beauty was a new one for me in Yorkshire, but escaped while trying to pot it for photographing.
March Moth

Yellow Horned


Species recorded were 22 Tortricodes alternella, 15 Yellow Horned, 38 March Moth, a Small Brindled Beauty, 10 Pale Brindled Beauty, an Oak Beauty, 2 Dotted Border, 2 Engrailed/Small Engrailed, 2 Common Quaker, a Clouded Drab, Hebrew Character and 3 Satellite.


  1. hi what type of neutral background do you use to photograph the moths..some sort of photographic grey card or something simpler ?

  2. Sorry I missed your comment. Just plain white printer paper, although I have used pale grey cartridge paper in the past, which lessens the contrast and gives better colour balance. Unfortunately, it normally ends up being used for schoolwork by one of the kids.....