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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

It paid off......this time.

Following the visit to Farnham Gravel Pits near Knaresborough at the weekend, when there were not as many large gulls as expected, I tried again this evening.  It certainly paid off, as there were many more larger gulls, at least 1500 Herring Gulls, and among them were FIVE Iceland Gulls.  They included two stonking adult birds, and two, almost certainly three 1st-years.  The uncertainty only due not being able to get all three 1st years in the same sweep of the scope, but were distinctly spread out enough to be more than the two.

In addition, at least five Great Black-backed Gulls, ten Lesser Black-backed Gulls and two Yellow-legged Gulls.  Concentrating on the larger gulls, I would just estimate 2-300 Common Gulls, and 3000+ Black-headed Gulls.  No sign of the Kittiwakes...but I am not complaining.

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