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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Wainscots.....well a few, but at least 6 new moths

With August being peak Wainscot month, and a calm muggy night on the cards, it had to be Staveley NR, and a couple of traps in the reed-beds.  As it turned out, not too many wainscots, but did include Fen, Bulrush, Southern and Smoky.  Two marsh-dwelling macros did reveal themselves, and were new for me, Double Lobed and Crescent, with 15 of the first and just a single of the latter.
Double Lobed
Several micros were new for me too, several of which are awaiting confirmation, but those I am happy with are a Pseudopostega crepusculella, five Orthotelia sparganella, three Calamotropha paludella and a rather faded pyralid that was an Endotricha flammealis (a first for the Harrogate area).
Orthotelia sparganella
Calamotropha paludella
Endotricha flammealis

The moths of interest included a Pseudopostega crepusculella, Caloptilia robustella, seven Bird-cherry Ermine, five Orthotelia sparganella, an Elachista atricomella, two Mompha raschkiella, a Lobesia abscisana, two Epinotia nisella, a Cydia fagiglandana, seven Chilo phragmitella, three Calamotropha paludella, a Eudonia pallida, two Small China-mark, a Endotricha flammealis, two Trachycera advenella, a Triple-spotted Pug, Bordered Beauty, two Antler Moth, seven Clay, Southern Wainscot, 30 Smoky Wainscot, 15 Double Lobed, three Small Dotted Buff, two Dusky Sallow, a Crescent, two each of Bulrush Wainscot, Fen Wainscot and Silver Y,

And just to round the day off, while setting the straw in the stable for Leo, a small moth was disturbed and settled on a rug, and it turned out to be a Meal Moth Pyralis farinalis, in typical habitat and another new one for me, just rounding off a productive 24 hours.

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  1. Hi Gramps, The top three pics, Double Lobed, Crescent and spargenella have all been recorded in my garden last year. Thing is I live no where near any reed beds. There is a small pond with some bulrush and thats it!