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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

A weekend away down south....part four

Sunday afternoon, and the inclement weather was closing in, so headed back to Dorset, arriving there in the same fog and rain as when I had left.  With little prospect of being able to trap overnight, I headed to Abbotsbury, where I new I would have a chance of getting a new moth, without setting a trap.  Sure enough, on checking the toiletblock in the carpark, there were three Channel Island Pug resting on the wall.
Channel Island Pug
The rain and wind did not let up until dawn so a quick dash ro Portland to see some close flying Gannets and a Great Skua, before retrieving the rest of the family and ambling back to Yorkshire.  Two good nights trapping and several new moths, and a satisfied family who had enjoyed their visit too, before arriving backin a rain-soaked Langthorpe.

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