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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

A weekend away down south....part two

Saturday morning, increasing wind and heavy rain, and a forecast that suggested heading west to take advantage of improving weather. So, having hit the A35, just kept on going, with the Lizard in Cornwall the destination. I spent the night in breezy mist at Gunwalloe in the reed-beds, with the wind dropping about 0100 as the front went through, to reveal a muggy calm morning.

Again, a good nights trapping, although surprisingly very few Wainscots in the MV, and I suspect the battery did not last all night on the actinic in the churchyard.
Some interesting and scarce species with a couple of new ones for me. With 384 moths of about 50 species, the pick of the catch were five Grass Eggar, an Oblique Carpet, two Galium Carpet, several each of Square-spot Dart and White-line Dart, eight of the fabulously patterned Archer's Dart, singles of Bulrush Wainscot, Southern Wainscot, and a Webb's Wainscot which was new for me, as was one of the few micros present, an Elachista atricomella.
Elachista atricomella
Grass Eggar
Oblique Carpet
Archer's Dart
Webb's Wainscot
Gold Spot

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