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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Update on the Kilburn micros...

The good number of rarities caught at Kilburn on 31st May and 1st June have certainly caused some interest.  In order to get some records accepted, photos are just not enough and several moths were collected and have been sent for dissection and confirmation.  I do struggle with the concept of having to retain some species but reconcile the fact that in proving a rare species does occur that undoubtedly there are others present and adds weight to conservation requirements for a given site. One species I trapped on both nights and have only just put a name to it and the photos have been accepted: this is Ancylis upupana which is another Yorkshire rarity and of great interest as being right on the northern edge of distribution on what is a rare moth nationally.
Ancylis upupana
Of the other rarities trapped the photos of Phylloporia bistrigella and Epermenia falciformis were both considered acceptable, and although the photos certainly suggested Blastodacma atra and Pammene populana both needed genitalia determination for confirmation.  Unfortunately the B. atra was released but the other is winging its way to H.E.B. for determination and hopefully acceptance.  

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