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Sunday, 26 July 2015

And the moth I could not put a name to...

By far the commonest moth that was attracted to light in Zante was a pyralid that although quite variable resembled something between a Rush Veneer and a Bee Moth.  It outnumbered all of the other species tenfold and once I realised that I was feeding the ants wondered whether this particular species may have been unpleasant tasting therefore skewing the numbers.  On closer investigation I saw several of these moths being carried by a single ant while still fluttering helplessly.  The size was variable and estimated at a wing length of 15-20mm.  A thorough scan of the images in Pyraloidea of Europe, Vol 1 and found some that really resembled my pictures and not only that were present in Greece which was encouraging.  It was Lamoria anella and a further search of images online seemed to confirm it, but as always I stand to be corrected!

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