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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Two nights at Pilmoor

With the continued unsettles weather it really is down to looking at the latest forecasts to see if there is a window of opportunity.  Sunday night looked dry until mid-morning so it was Pilmoor Wood that was the chosen site, and the aspen grove was favourite.  Typically the rain started in the early hours so a quick pack up was required, but a modest haul of 91 moths of 30 species was recorded.  Highlights were mainly micros, with another Cochylis nana although this one much more subdued marked than the one a few weeks ago.   

Paraswammerdamia nebulella

Cochylis nana

Epinotia demarniana

Eucosma cana

With such a muggy night on Wednesday night, no wind and again no rain forecast till the morning,  it was Pilmoor again but nearer the road in the damper woodland, with the hope of getting Mere Wainscot like last year.  Rather stupidly I forgot to pick up my 160MVB bulb so only ran the 125MV Robinson trap, but it certainly seemed to pull in good numbers, about 450 moths and good selection of c.75 species; just think I could have doubled this total if I had remembered all the equipment.....  Highlights were the third VC62 record of the colourful but diminutive Pammene aurana (5mm in length), seven Epinotia demarniana, and the ever beautiful Lilac Beauty.  

A walk along the old railway line at 2345 produced at least 11 female Glow-worms displaying and two males were attracted to the trap.  Oddly enough, a walk along the same route at 0130 and none at al were seen, perhaps influenced by two brief appearances of the moon which popped out from behind the cloud for several minutes.

Pammene aurana

Barred Straw

Lilac Beauty

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